Climate Change

While we all know that recycling, taking public transit, and limiting our consumption of animal products can all help reduce our environmental footprints, you can also take steps in the bedroom to make your sex life a little greener.

So for those who think climate change is an issue beyond their reach, think again. As the U of O moves toward a waste-free campus, you—“just” a student—can be a driving force behind the transition. It’s as easy as reduce-reuse-recycle.

The Fulcrum reached out to the leaders of our campus’ major political party groups to ask what each thought about the future of Canada’s environmental policy, and why their party will provide what’s needed.

Leo’s long anticipated win awakens world to environmental phenomenon Leonardo DiCaprio finally did what so many people had thought was never going to happen for him—he managed to become even more successful and well known than he already was. The actor, and former dad bod and man bun ambassador, won Best Actor for his role …

The divestment movement is rapidly taking over university campuses across the country, but is it really the best way to bring about positive environmental change?

Upcoming CFS meeting to cover a variety of issues The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) will be holding its 34th Annual General Meeting  Nov. 22-25 this year, according to On the agenda are motions such as making it easier for student unions to decertify from the CFS, launching a campaign in support of a …

There are mass protests planned in many Canadian cities to bring attention to what environmentalists believe to be pure stupidity on the part of the government, though all of the protests north of Toronto have been cancelled due to ferociously cold temperatures.

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