Dear Ty

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Dear Di,

My boyfriend is always down to get physical with me… even when it’s that time of the month and Aunt Flo is visiting. At first I thought it was flattering that he was so into me he was okay with slightly messier sex, but now I’m starting to get concerned that he has ulterior motives and some kind of freaky fetish.

You see, for the past few months I’ve noticed that he’s more interested in having sex if I’m on my period than if I’m not. As soon as he knows I’ve started, he gets super horny. Normally I like to put down a towel or just have quick shower sex when I’m on the rag, but lately he’s been getting carried away, wanting to try a bunch of different positions, fingering me, and just making a huge mess everywhere. Our bed looked like a crime scene the last time we did it! What’s up with his weird obsession with my monthly cycle? Is he possibly into other creepy stuff? I’m getting weirded out by how into the blood he is. Help, Di!

 —Bloody Hell

Dear BH,

You should count yourself among the lucky! Not all women get to have sex on their periods; some guys flat-out refuse to put their prick in a bright red pussy. Before you accuse your man of being a creep, think about a few of the valid reasons why he might be über into period sex. Studies have shown that men find women’s voices more attractive during that time of the month, so if you’re a dirty talker, he’s likely especially turned on. Plenty of women—this sexy columnist included—find themselves hornier during their period, and the extra lubricant can make the whole experience extra special. Your boyfriend might be remembering especially orgasmic sessions when he swam the red sea and finding himself wanting more.

Maybe your guy’s just trying to do you a favour. Not only can climaxing during your period relieve cramps, but the concentration of blood down below can trigger extra-intense orgasms for women. Perhaps he’s just being a real gentlemen, and period sex lets him give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Consider it flattering that he’s so into you that he’s willing to get a little blood on his dick. Why not ride him during the week that you’re riding the cotton pony?

As long as he’s not keeping track of your cycle on his phone’s calendar or asking you to call him Edward, it’s pretty unlikely that he’s “obsessed” with the shedding of your blood and uterine lining. If you still think he has a menses fetish and it’s making you uncomfortable, just talk to him about it! Tell him you prefer tamer period sex or let him know the mess makes you squeamish. I bet he’ll be understanding and the two of you can work on a compromise so that you both get satisfied, as many days of the month as you want.


Dear Di,

How can we students even know if you’re that good at sex? I challenge you to have sex with me, then I’ll write a letter to the editor to tell everyone if you’re really all you’re cracked up to be.

—Name Has Been Changed

Dear NHBC,

Challenge accepted! Not. Although I could list you some of my more impressive sexual feats, I don’t think you’ll be satisfied just by reading about my extraordinary exploits. To protect my anonymity, though, I can’t agree to fuck you. More to the point, the key to being great in bed isn’t some big secret only a few can uncover and master; awesome sex is simply a matter of confidence and communication.

Besides, NHBC, what makes you think we haven’t hooked up already? Close your eyes and think about the best you’ve ever had… it might have been me.