Illustrations: Alina Wang.
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A comprehensive guide to all of the essentials at the U of O

If you’re like us, when you’re trying to survive long days on campus, you get bored, hungry, and occasionally low on caffeine. This academic year, make sure that when you’re killing time, eating, and getting coffee you’re getting the very best that the University of Ottawa has to offer! Read on for the Fulcrum’s first-ever Campus Awards, and don’t be caught eating that crappy sandwich ever again.

Best coffee: FSS second floor on a Monday morning

Bring a reusable mug and the Office of Campus Sustainability will bless you with free and fair trade coffee! The first floor always has fair trade coffee, but be warned that it’s a little pricey for students on a budget.

For those Sandy Hill dwellers, a close runner-up would be Timothy’s World Coffee on 234 Laurier Avenue East. For $2, you can bring your own mug and have it filled with one of their delicious organic fair trade coffees. The people who work there are nice, and the coffee is good—for those wanting summer to last longer, they have a toasted coconut coffee that will make your taste buds sing. Oh, and it makes a great yet under-the-radar study spot!

Best place to take a nap: Déjà Vu

This space between Morisset and Thompson is usually empty and has some really cool (and comfy) booths.

Best of all, it’s only a short walk from Morisset library! Meaning that you won’t need to annoy the students beside you with your snoring to get those coveted Zs in.

Best grilled-cheese: Café Alt

This on-campus cafe, organized and run by students and located in the basement of Simard, offers this delectable classic with bacon (yum) or without it (also very yum).

Another great part about Café Alt? You can grab your afternoon coffee with your grilled cheese on the cheap. They also have stamp cards, which will give you a free coffee after so many cups. There’s nothing like free caffeine to feed your addiction!

Best room with a view: The 13th floor of FSS

Head up to the top of FSS, sit on a cozy bench, and bask in the glory that is downtown Ottawa.

But be warned—during the busier fall season on campus, finding a seat (even on the floor) in this area can be a challenge. Enjoy the view, but wait until you get to the library to crack open the books. Alternatively, you could hold out until later in the night for a study space with views that even Drake would envy.

Best thing to do in between classes

Who says university students are too old to play with toys at school? Go to the Makerspace in Colonel By and play with some 3D printers, a laser cutter, or virtual reality technology. Best of all, this on-campus playground is absolutely free.