After decrying the university’s lack of support for fair trade coffee, students took their disagreements outside. Across campus, spontaneous melees erupted as students hurled beverage cups at one another.

On March 23 at Art-Is-In Bakery on City Centre Avenue, many of these artists came out to the bakery’s “Latte Art Throwdown” event to battle it out against other baristas to be crowned the true champion of latte art in the Capital.

Tim Hortons. Starbucks. Café Alt. Première Moisson. All of these establishments sell coffee on campus. But which joint serves up the best cup of joe?

When midterms are haunting your dreams and papers are weighing you down, coffee is the one thing that will always be there to keep you going. Students tend to develop an unhealthy relationship with coffee quite soon after 101 Week, when they realize their professors were serious about all those readings. Next thing you know, it’s 9 a.m. on a Sunday, you have 200 pages of reading to do for Monday, and you’re sitting in the library hating your life.

But at least you have coffee.

Spilling the beans on the best local coffee and tea spots  Illustration by Jennifer Vo As a polical science student, professional night owl, dancer, journal editor, full-time sarcastic, and part-time cynic, one could consider me an expert when it comes to the mighty bean. While Ottawa hasn’t always had a brilliant reputation with regards to …

“The sensationalism found in today’s media renders it tough to discern which foods are contributing positively to our collective health and which will likely put us in the ground,” said Roast. “That being said, I’m honoured to be one of the few who are admittedly contributing in a neutral way.”