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A song for every occasion

“School Spirit”, Kanye West

When you inevitably go through your “university is for suckers” phase.

“Oxford Comma”, Vampire Weekend

When your English professor docks you marks for improper formatting for the first time.

“Changes”, David Bowie

When you realize that reinventing yourself is way easier than it was in high school.

“Pursuit of Happiness”, Kid Cudi (Steve Aoki Remix)

When you want to bask in the life of the party.

“Here”, Alessia Cara

When you want the life of the party to desperately leave you alone.

“I Feel Free”, Cream

When you stroll around campus without parental supervision for the first time.

“Going away to College”, Blink 182

When you try to forget about the high school sweetheart you left behind.

“Why’d you always call me when you’re high”, Arctic Monkeys

When your late night booty call goes horribly awry.