Why winter can be the warmest time of year

Photo by Marta Kierkus

It may seem like after all the presents have been unwrapped, the holiday music has stopped, and coffee cups have returned to their normal colours, there’s nothing good left about the remaining winter months.

But just because Santa’s gone back up north doesn’t mean you can’t have the time of your life this winter. After all, dark and cold days provide the perfect opportunity to develop a romance that will keep you warm long into the night.

Here are five reasons why winter is the season of love:


During the winter months, most students tend to stay within a close radius of their nest, meaning there are fewer walls a lone wolf has to blow down to find a companion. Summer’s the worst for meeting a significant other: students travel all over the world, get locked up in 40-hour work weeks, or return to their parents’ houses—none of which are conducive to finding a soulmate. In winter you can meet Mr. or Ms. Right just by heading down the street to the neighbourhood bar or coffee shop, and it frees up so much more time for activities.

Up close and personal

Winter makes intimate moments so much easier. The endorphins released after walking or skating in cold weather make intimate moments all that much more likely when you reach your destination. That dinner or nightcap will feel more like a moment neither of you want to end, rather than the extended nightmare of looking for a free patio table in the summer.

Movie nights

It’s hard to balance a love of film with a love of human beings during the warmer seasons. There are music festivals to attend, lakes to swim in, and camping trips to make. But those are all very difficult to accomplish in winter. February is the perfect excuse to invite someone over for dinner and a movie—or a trilogy, if you really get along. You can always take the batteries out of your TV remote, which makes cozying up on a bed with a laptop a great backup plan for your “broken” TV.

Playing outside

There’s something undeniably romantic about skating hand-in-hand down the canal. Make it midnight, a light snow falling, on the way home from a solid date night, and you have perfection.  If skating isn’t for you, you can make snow angels. Trust me, snow angels can still be fun—after all, who said angels have to be fully clothed?

No shirt, no shoes, no problem

Winter is the best time to get naked. Body heat is the best way to warm up, making naked spooning always an excellent option. It’s just science.