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Tips for making a smooth transition into your post-finals life Photo by Marta Kierkus Exercise and winter sports Embrace the season. Play a game of hockey with friends, go snowshoeing, or hit the slopes for some skiing or snowboarding. The holiday season brings out the kid in everyone, so embrace the opportunity to get out …

Why winter can be the warmest time of year Photo by Marta Kierkus It may seem like after all the presents have been unwrapped, the holiday music has stopped, and coffee cups have returned to their normal colours, there’s nothing good left about the remaining winter months. But just because Santa’s gone back up north …

“They’re not really news entities as sort of the ritual that people love having on their coffee table in the morning, or on the bus. Buying a newspaper for the sake of in-depth journalism or think-pieces—very few of our dailies in the country now can claim that function.”

If we were to describe a group on campus whose job and financial security changes month to month, whose members don’t know if they’ll have a job from semester to semester, who don’t know if they can afford to pay their bills or rent, and who are often forced to work 60-hour weeks to make ends meet, you’d probably assume we’re talking about students.

Here are two recipes from two great people—Justin Dallaire and Jesse Colautti’s mothers—that will make you both figuratively and literally look outside the box.

We need to rethink the way we understand and talk about the CBC. Its role isn’t to accrue profits. Its role is to provide a public service to Canadians, a role that in a democratic society is no less important than the upkeep of roads and rivers, the protection of our communities, and the provision of our healthcare.

“I used to look up at the sky and see birds as a symbol of freedom. They were all I saw of an outside world. They were free and I was not.”

While these players will never be made into bobbleheads, or find themselves immortalized on giant advertisements outside of Rogers Centre, their importance shouldn’t be diminished. During the middle and late innings of baseball games they represent the margin of error for the Blue Jays – the difference between an expected victory and a disastrous loss

But hybrid courses demand independent learning and strong time management skills, much more so than standard lectures. Although these courses feature both in-class discussion and online material, what Rock and the e-learning task force failed to mention was that discussion is dependant upon students fully engaging with the online material first — something many in the class were unable to do.

Point/ Counter Point Co-op most likely won’t provide you with relevant work experience Jesse Colautti | Opinions Editor Once upon a time, I was a co-op student. But after experiencing the pitfalls of the program firsthand, I feel it is my solemn duty to warn others against it. Midway through my second year, I took …

Franchise will surprise many on way to playoffs this season Photo credit: Paul Gorbould (CC) The look on Jose Reyes’ face on April 13 last year after awkwardly sliding into second base summed up the Blue Jays’ highly anticipated season: agony. The severe ankle sprain limited the shortstop to only 93 games for the season, …

The university acknowledges that many students want to work either full- or part-time during the summer, so courses are scheduled in three-hour blocks that make them easy to attend. Although heading to class after a long day at work is often difficult, it’s a short-term commitment that pays off in the long run.

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