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No better time to let the facial hair run its course than when the outside temperature finally drops to that perfectly brisk 10 degrees. I’ll be letting my whiskers grow right up until the end of October, when at last I’ll have my barber cleave them off with a hot blade and perhaps toast with a shot of bourbon to another fall well-unkempt. 
—Adam Feibel

In the fall I look forward to the steady few weeks of rainfall and grey skies. I love waking up and going for a run while a light mist cools me down. In the evening the rain makes the perfect companion as I curl up with a good book or a movie. At night there is no more pleasant sound than that of raindrops on the rooftop. 
—Nadia Drissi El-Bouzaidi

There is something so wonderful about bundling up with a cozy, heavy-knit scarf on an early Saturday morning as you head over to the Farmers Market to get your produce for the week. The added warmth makes the burden of running errands around the city so much easier as the fabric hugs you, and keeps you comfortable. Much like Linus’ blanket, I don’t leave the house without one as the temperate drops lower and lower this time of year.
—Jessica Eritou

I guess I have to be the one to say leaves. It’s no surprise to anyone that leaves change colour ‘round here. People travel from as far away as Japan to come see them, so you should too. Yes they’re just leaves, but en masse in the Gatineau Hills they are a sight to see. I like to think of it as nature’s last creative flourish before it crawls into some cave and has a long nap. So get out there! Time to see some colour before it all turns into a cold, colourless mess.
—Adam Gibbard 

After coming back from a walk in the cool, crisp fall air is there anything better than warming your hands on a hot mug of spiced cider? Or watching a sports game with friends while enjoying some pumpkin pie and mulled wine? Fall is the season for making food, eating it and sharing it; thanksgiving is just around the corner and I can’t wait to dig into that turkey and pour myself a glass of pumpkin spiced whiskey. Cheers to the season! 
— Marta Kierkus

I have curly hair, and fall is the short season during the year for my coils to look normal. There are no tuques to flatten out the curls, and no crazy humidity for my hair to frizz up in. It’s the best quality of air for a curly haired woman like myself. I can wake up in the morning, lather my hair with cream, diffuse it, and have faith I will return home that night with the same hairdo. 
—Sarah Nolette

Save yourselves. Lets not sugarcoat the situation in pumpkin spice: winter is coming and it’s time to jump ship. If, however, school and responsibility prohibit you from doing that, I say curl up with a blanket, a glass of wine, and a good book; hunker down and wait for patio season to come around again. Fall and winter are aesthetically beautiful, but best enjoyed from the safety, comfort, and warmth of your house.  
—Spencer Van Dyk

Pumpkin spice everything, cozy sweaters, apple cider, jumping in leaves, the first turkey dinner in months—I’m not above any of it. I want to carve a pumpkin, collect leaves, and put on my fall boots. I look up every time I hear the geese honking overhead and smile. There’s no fall cliché I’m not in love with. 
—Sabrina Nemis

For about two or three weeks every fall, Ottawa’s weather is perfect. I love throwing on a sweater and going for a bike ride on the canal—starting downtown and finishing up at the arboretum overlooking Dow’s Lake. The trees are aflame, and leaning up against one with a book, coffee, and view of the surrounding nature, one can almost pretend that the upcoming months of darkness and frigidity are nothing more than a bad dream. 
—Jesse Colautti

I like to wear flannel shirts. They’re warm, yet breezy, and they do a good job of hiding my gut whenever I indulge in an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet. Unfortunately, when I sport this piece of clothing during the spring and summer months I often get funny looks from people. They probably get the impression that I’m the bassist in a grunge revival band, or that I’m just jonesing to pick some girls during country night at The Cabin. However, when fall finally rolls around all these prejudices and presumptionas disappear, since flannel shirts are back in fashion. So, that’s my favourite part of fall in Ottawa: being able to wear flannel shirts with pride.
—Kyle Darbyson