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NDP’s Mulcair in support of west-to-east oil pipeline

OTTAWA—NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY (NDP) leader Thomas Mulcair voiced his support for a west-to-east oil pipeline that would send Albertan oil to eastern Canada.  The pipeline would allow producers in western Canada to receive higher prices for their crude oil and refiners in eastern Canada to purchase North American product, as opposed to the imported supplies they are now receiving.

The NDP has traditionally opposed plans for the Northern Gateway pipeline, as well as other pipeline proposals. As opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline grows the federal Conservatives, Liberals, and New Democrats alike are expressing their support for a pipeline to the east coast.

With oil sands production set to double in the next 10 years, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver says one pipeline will be insufficient in meeting market needs.

—Spencer Van Dyk

University of Alberta psychiatry chair resigns amid sexual misconduct allegations

EDMONTON (CUP) —THE INCOMING CHAIR of the University of Alberta’s department of psychiatry has resigned, effective immediately, following allegations of sexual misconduct with a patient.

Dr. D. Douglas Miller, dean of the faculty of medicine and dentistry, announced Dr. Claudio Soares’ resignation early Monday in a department-wide email to faculty and staff.

Soares was to assume the role of chair Sept. 1, but was placed on leave once the university was made aware that the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) had issued Soares a notice of hearing in mid-July stating he was under investigation for acts of “professional misconduct.”

CPSO also issued Soares a practice restriction Aug. 7 on his certificate of registration.

The restriction states that Soares is not to engage in “any professional encounters with female patients of any age, in any jurisdiction, unless the patient encounter takes place in the presence of a female regulated health professional approved by the College.”

None of the claims have been proven at this time and a hearing date is still pending.

Dr. Glen Baker, director of the U of A’s neurochemical research unit, will serve as the department of psychiatry’s interim chair. He previously served as department chair from 2000 to 2005.

The faculty has declined requests for an interview, citing confidentiality for all personnel matters.

—Alex Migdal, the Gateway

University of Saskatchewan students protest deportation of  University of Regina students

SASKATOON (CUP) — A GROUP OF University of Saskatchewan students have joined in opposing the deportation of Victoria Ordu and Ihuoma Amadi, two Nigerian students attending the University of Regina.

U of S graduate Stephen Davis, who met Ordu and Amadi while living in the same U of R residence as the women in 2011, created the Facebook group “Students in Solidarity With Victoria and Ihuoma” to raise awareness of their situation and gather support.

The group has created a petition that asks Vic Toews, the Canadian minister of public safety, and Jason Kenney, the minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism, to show compassion for Ordu and Amadi by allowing them to finish their studies at the U of R. The petition states that the consequence of deportation is too severe since the students did not intentionally break Canadian laws and immediately attempted to resolve the issue.

The affair began in 2011 when Ordu realized that the social insurance number given to her only allowed her to be employed on the U of R campus. Ordu had been hired to work at a Regina Walmart but after a few weeks of employment she learned from a fellow international student that her SIN number did not permit her to work off campus. Ordu quit immediately and within weeks the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) arrested her.

Amadi, who began working at the Walmart shortly after Ordu, only became aware of the situation when she was arrested at the store by two CBSA agents.

A departure order was issued to the Nigerian students in November 2011, giving them 30 days to leave the country. Desperate to remain in Canada to finish their degrees, the women have been seeking sanctuary in a church in Regina since June 19 when they each received a deportation order.

“Students in Solidarity With Victoria and Ihuoma” held their first meeting Sept. 17 where a petition draft was finalized and the group organized its distribution.

—Anna-Lilja Dawson, The Sheaf