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Don’t forget to pack …

Planning a road trip this summer? Whether they be practical or for entertainment, here are some things you can’t forget to bring with you:



Photo courtesy of Karl-Petter Akesson


Hotels, motels, and hostels in Canada are not cheap. You can save hundreds of dollars if you spend the majority of your nights in campsites. The bonus of camping is that it lets you slow down and visit more of the country’s provincial and national parks, almost all of which offer campsites. Some of Canada’s lesser-known national parks, including Manitoba’s Riding Mountain National Park and Saskatchewan’s Grasslands National Park, offer some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll find in our country.










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Leave the technology at home and give yourself enough time on your trip to make mistakes, get lost, and figure your way out of it. GPS devices make it too easy and also give a time of arrival, which can trigger a neurotic race against the clock that can take you away from the point of the trip in the first place.  










Photo courtesy of Marta Kierkus 

Plates, bowls and cutlery

Buying breakfast every day will drain your funds. Buy cereal and a little bit of milk every morning and save your obligatory Tim Horton’s run for the afternoon. Remember to prioritize your money. A grocery store run can go a long way to save you money for gas and park fees.










Photo courtesy of Leo Watson 


Whether it’s in the deep woods of Northern Ontario or on the endless straightaway in Saskatchewan, you’re bound to get a little restless at some point. A stimulating podcast can go a long way to speed up an eight-hour drive, and can also give everyone a break from the ongoing battle for DJ rule. 

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