Jesse Colautti

When the guidelines for eligibility aren’t clear, when students have to argue with SFUO employees at the ballot box just to get their vote to count, how can we blame student apathy for low voter turnout?

“Nobody is talking about important issues such as toilet paper reform on campus, or the broadcast of the Olympics, because they are all too busy studying,” said King.

“We’re going to have to change our strategy from a focus on peripheral student issues that really affect only those already invested in student politics to arguments about expanding study space during the school year.”

“But because of the amounts of people at last week’s meeting we switched to a format of one person going up to the front of the room and complaining into a microphone while the rest of the group had to listen quietly. It really took away the organic feel of weather talk.”

Essential backpacking gear the travel books don’t mention Two years ago I set off on a backpacking trip through South America. The best advice I was given beforehand was this: don’t pack a single thing you’re not prepared to lose. After my tent was flooded two months in, along with all my belongings, I appreciated …

Fictional advice for getting your mind back at school Despite all of my efforts, the calendar turned to January and I grudgingly came back for yet another semester of school. Kraft Dinner, freezing cold walks to class, and silent floors of the library have replaced memories of expensive dinners, warm fires, and Christmas music. If …

The holidays are a financial struggle for most students since they’re often a break from part-time jobs at school. There are also the added costs of gift shopping, dinners out with old friends, and obligatory family outings.

Here are some ways to earn a little cash to ease the burden during the holiday break.

Canadians should be outraged with this purchase. It signifies the end of competitive hockey programming in this country, furthers the monopolization of the entire Canadian sports and television industries, and effectively ends the relationship millions of Canadians have developed with HNIC since it began on the radio in 1931.

I’m tired of seeing our senators turned into laughingstocks, our prime minister into a bully, and our legislation into omnibus metaphors. I’m tired of shrugging off signs that the democratic process isn’t being followed, that the concept of an informed electorate is a thing of the past, and that our government is broken.

Not having a clear career path in university doesn’t mean you can’t one day tour the world in a band, manage a performer, write for the Globe and Mail, or host your own radio show.

The new team names will take effect immediately. Among other changes, the New England Patriots will now be referred to as the Dirty Micks, the New York Giants will be changed to the Cheap Jews, and the Miami Dolphins will be renamed the Blackskins.

It all happened so fast. One minute I was with my friends enjoying a nice burger from the cafeteria, and then suddenly everyone had been transformed into sarcastically dressed monsters eating quinoa from Tupperware

Mr. Swift’s proposed policy would make sure that future generations are free from past hindrances caused by such suspected autistic people as Beethoven, Mozart, Dickenson, Yeats, Einstein, Darwin, and Isaac Newton—all of whom contributed very little to the world, but who must have bothered people like this one pissed off mother with the “noise polluting whaling” they made.

One of the problems lies with the University of Ottawa’s Food Services. Despite admirable attempts to improve, there has been little success in bringing about enough change to campus eating facilities. / There’s a time and place to cultivate your love for cooking, but your first year of university might not be it.

The poor experiences could teach us some valuable lessons for a future workplace, as we will surely face bosses we feel are unjust or unqualified and there will be no way for us to switch to another/ It is vital for students to have access to reviews on Rate My Professors in order to make the most informed decisions about their education.

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