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GIVEN OUR GENERATION’S affinity for hooking up and our country’s seriously high divorce rate, it seems like we could all use a little advice from a group of people who got it right. The following are words of wisdom from our grandparents.

From Andrew Ikeman’s grandpa, Eric Kokish:

“Look at her mom—is she cool, or not so much?”

“Count the number of times your date says ‘like’ or ‘totally.’ Divide by 11, add five. If the number is under 10, plan date number two.”

“Do her eyes say she’s enjoying you? If not, you’re boring her. Try something different.”

Ask your date what he or she thinks of something you like, want to do, or talk about.

Appreciate everything; expect nothing; be courteous and considerate.

Learn the difference between ‘their’ and ‘there’.

Develop a winning smile and never ever seem threatening.

Learn how to pronounce ‘picture,’ ‘film,’ ‘chimney,’ and ‘escape.’

Avoid entourages of airheaded friends—yours and that of your date’s.

Be yourself, but first decide who you are.

From Kristyn Filip’s grandmother, Alberta Filip:

Marry someone like your grandpa.