Amina El Himri
El Himri announced she was stepping down from her role as commissioner to pursue a role as a teaching assistant (TA) at the University. Photo: Amina El Himri/Provided
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Position will be filled via appointment process, Gulliver says

Amina El Himri has announced she will be stepping down from her role as University of Ottawa Students’ Union (UOSU) clubs and services commissioner at the end of October. 

In an email sent to the UOSU’s management and service staff, El Himri announced that she was stepping down from her role as commissioner to pursue a role as a teaching assistant (TA) at the University.

“I have received the news that I have received a job offer as a TA and my god was I happy … I am about to cross a new bridge to a new life that I am excited about. Sad and scared for sure, but relieved. Relieved I am leaving the Union in the most amazing hands,” she wrote in her email.

El Himri, who was serving her second term as clubs and services commissioner for the student union, made sure to thank individually all of her fellow Executive Committee colleagues as well as all the members of the UOSU’s support staff. 

She also spoke about her journey to the role and how proud she was of the way Clubs and Campus Vibez (CVUO) has come along since she joined when it was simply a club. 

“The rush of creating something from nothing was unbelievable. Helping students and bringing life to campus through clubs simply brought life to…my life,” wrote El Himri. 

Position to be filled via appointment

Due to the timing of El Himri’s departure from the union, the UOSU will not be able to find her replacement via the fall by-election. In a message to the Fulcrum, Tim Gulliver, the union’s president, said El Himri will be replaced by a commissioner appointed by the rest of the Executive Committee. 

This is the same process that took place in the spring, when the union appointed Sana Almansour to the role of interim equity commissioner. Almansour is now the only candidate running in the by-election, which will take place next week from Oct. 12 to 14. 

The chosen candidate for the role of clubs and services commissioner will need to be approved by the Board of Directors at the meeting subsequent to their appointment by the Executive Committee.