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In a second by-election Anne-Emilie Hebert, sole candidate for president of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO), received 100 yes votes and 86 no votes on whether she should be elected, according to a Facebook post by the SFUO. The SFUO website had not been updated at the time of publication.

The current result is unofficial, and if the vote is ratified at the next Board of Administration meeting on Nov. 15 Hebert will officially claim the role.

The SFUO by-election originally ran Oct. 21-23, however a question on the president was not put forward. According to a Facebook post by the SFUO, the second election was called “because, we did not hold a ‘yes/no’ vote for the President position in the last election, due to an error in the updated version of the Constitution.”

Some questions have arisen on whether the election reached quorum, but according to the Chief Electoral Officer Erin Callary, there is no required quorum for SFUO executive candidate elections.