De Marinis has been sentenced to nine months in jail today for sexually assaulting an employee at Kavali nightclub.
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Former Kavali nightclub manager sentenced following sexual assault trial

Former Kavali manager, Mariano De Marinis, who was convicted of sexual assault in November 2017 for sexually assaulting a drunk female employee, and who is still employed by Kavali in “an off-site position that deals with marketing and social media,” has been sentenced to nine months in jail, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

This comes following De Marinis’ courtroom hearing on April 26, where his lawyer, James Foord, fought for a sentence of 90 days for his client claiming that he was a first time offender, who thought the victim had given consent.

Crown attorney Farah Rupert argued for a two-year jail term, given that the victim, a 22 year old woman whose name is protected under a publication ban, was assaulted at her place of work, while she was intoxicated and incapable of giving consent.

“He betrayed the trust she placed in him. He violated her in a profound and disturbing way at a moment in time when she was impaired and physically sick,”  Rupert stated in court.

De Marinis has been sentenced to nine months in jail, and will be on probation for 18 months after his time has been served. In addition to this, his name will be added to the National Sex Offender registry.