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The average yearly salary of the 1,595 employees was $154,230

The 2019 Ontario Sunshine List was released earlier this month, which revealed that of the 5,750 staff members employed at the University of Ottawa, nearly 1,600 of them had made more than $100,000 last year.

The annual list discloses the salaries of public sector employees in Ontario who make more than $100,000 every year. The average salary of the 1,595 U of O employees on this edition of the list was $154,230.

Professors made up the bulk of the list, where 452 of them had earned an average salary of $179,534. Despite there only being 13 deans on the list, the average salary for them was $238,479.

The top earners of 2019 were Bernard Jasmin, the dean of the faculty of medicine, who made $426,201. President Jacques Frémont earned $399,616, followed by François Julien, the dean of the Telfer School of Management, who earned $303,000.

Jacline Nyman, an associate professor in the Telfer School of Management, assumed the role of vice-president external relations in August 2018, which saw her salary increase by 158.82 per cent. Prior to undertaking her new role later that year, she made $115,909 in 2018, before earning $300,000 last year. 

In 1996, when Ontario began releasing the salaries of their public sector employees, there were only 76 people from the U of O who made the Sunshine List. The average salary of those workers was $114,358.