Jacques fremont

Jacques Frémont

The U of O president’s report to the Senate did not provide the same updates in both languages when it came to the University’s reception of the academic freedom report. The updates in French were much more extensive, and the message very different — these updates should have been the same in both languages to not keep unilingual members of the U of O community in the dark.


“The Committee is therefore against the exclusion of words, works or ideas in the context of respectful academic presentations and discussions whose educational goal is to promote the dissemination of knowledge,” wrote the Committee on Academic Freedom in its report.

The University of Ottawa will hold its 2020 spring convocation online announced the University on Tuesday in an email sent to students who are set to graduate in June. The ceremonies will start on June 15 and will last for a week with students from all 10 U of O faculties set to graduate.

“On behalf of the University of Ottawa, I offer my deepest condolences to the student’s family, friends and loved ones,” wrote U of O president Jacques Frémont in a media statement.

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