The U of O is set to open another residence next september. Photo: Courtesy of housing services
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Mann Residence to be constructed near Minto Sports Complex

The University of Ottawa has announced it will open another new residence next September, its fourth in the past two years. Unlike the most recently opened residences on Rideau Street, Henderson Avenue, and Friel Street, which house first year students, the new residence on 45 Mann Avenue will be exclusively for second year students and up, including graduate students.

The apartment-style complex will house 385 students, and is located next to the Minto Sports Complex.

The Friel residence provided 400 beds, Rideau provides 414, and Henderson provides 172. All three of these residences were built with the intention of housing first years.

Michel Guilbeault, director of Housing Service at the University of Ottawa, said that the housing requirements of first year students has been met, and the focus is shifting to returning students.

The property was acquired through a private sector partnership, as were the Rideau and Friel Residences, all of which are long-term commitments and managed by the university.

Although rates have not yet been disclosed, Guilbeault said they will likely be similar to rooms in the Hyman Soloway residence or slightly higher. Hyman Soloway is one of the most expensive residences offered, with room cost per person ranging from $10,142 to $10,873 for a 12-month period.

The residence will provide various amenities in each suite, such as a kitchen, washer and dryer, and a washroom in each bedroom. The amenities are a big reason why the price of this residence is higher than others, though Guilbeault says it will still be competitive with the market.

“This is truly a purpose-built student residence. I think it’s the first of its kind actually in Ottawa in terms of a bed to bath ratio,” he said.

The specifics of this residence have been decided based on survey feedback from students over the course of several years. The data was collected from students in residence towards the end of their 2013 term, and on a broader spectrum of all upper year students this past spring.

“Based on the surveys we’ve done in the last couple years, privacy in terms of private bedroom and the bed to bath ratio is extremely, extremely important to students,” he said.

In addition to the unique layout, Guilbeault says the residence will look to foster community. “They rent accommodation with people they’ve met in residence that they’ve developed these friendships with,” said Guilbeault.

He said that although they will first market it to students already in residence, the new residence will be available to all students in second year and up.

Guilbeault says many students have already expressed interest in the residence within the past few weeks of its announcement.