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Positions available on UOSU executive committee, BOD, BOG, and Senate. Image: UOSU/Provided
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Election is scheduled to take place from March 9 to 11

The nomination period for the University of Ottawa Student Union (UOSU) general election opened on Jan. 30.

The nomination period for candidates will remain open until Feb. 12 at 11:59 p.m. This year’s election will be held entirely online. 

Students who choose to submit their candidacy will run for one of four bodies of governance: the UOSU Executive Committee, the UOSU Board of Directors (BOD), the University of Ottawa Senate, or the University of Ottawa Board of Governors (BOG). 

Where to run

Positions are available on each of these four bodies, including all seven commissioner positions on the executive committee. The Executive Committee manages the day-to-day operations of UOSU. Students interested in running for the full-time, salaried positions on the Executive Committee must be able to reduce their course load to part-time throughout their term. They are also required to pass a bilingualism test. 

Members of the BOD represent their faculties at UOSU’s monthly board meetings. Positions on the BOD do not demand as much in terms of time commitments or prerequisite testing as those on the executive committee. Seats are allocated according to faculty. 

The Senate is a separate entity from UOSU, however, elections for all four bodies of governance are overseen by the union. The Senate is in charge of overseeing the University’s academic affairs. A seat is available for every faculty this election. 

The BOG is also distinct from UOSU, presiding over the elements of University governance not within the primarily academic jurisdiction of the Senate. BOG members serve two-year terms. There are two undergraduate representatives on the BOG at any given time. One seat is available this election.

Election details

Prospective nominees will be asked to send their nomination forms to the Chief Electoral Officer. If their candidacy is successful, they will campaign between Feb. 27 and March 7. The annual general election will be held from March 9 to 11. 

For more information, visit UOSU’s website here


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