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The University of Ottawa Student’s Union (UOSU) held its Board of Directors meeting on May 28, the second of the term. The six-hour meeting included appointing the recently hired interim executive committee commissioners, debates on a controversial motion regarding the Black History Month gala, and making a statement in support of the ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign.

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Students who choose to submit their candidacy will run for one of four bodies of governance: the UOSU Executive Committee, the UOSU Board of Directors, the University of Ottawa Senate, or the University of Ottawa Board of Governors.


“Of all parties to this report, academics should be fully aware of the fact that words matter. There is absolutely no need to use racial slurs in an academic setting. It is possible to have conversations about discrimination without using discriminatory language,” said Tim Gulliver, the University of Ottawa Students’ Union’s president.

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There is an important distinction between governance and politics. By governance, I mean the administration of the union, the fulfillment of its obligations. In terms of governance, the UOSU seems to be doing alright. By politics, I mean the human aspect, the making-people-care. In terms of politics, the UOSU seems to be doing much worse.

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