UOSU ballot box
This year’s election period spanned from Mar. 9 to 11. Image: Hailey Otten/Fulcrum
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No votes opposed ratification of results

The University of Ottawa Students’ Union (UOSU) General Elections for the 2022-2023 academic year took place from March 9 to 11. On Thursday, March 24, the election results were ratified at the 2022 Special General Meeting.

The meeting was held over Zoom, with 40 people in attendance. Most of the attendees were either part of the current or incoming UOSU Executive Committee and Board of Directors. 

Once the agenda was approved, Henry Mann was elected as the chair of the meeting and continued on to the rest of the motions. The only motion for the meeting was the ratification of the results. These results included approving the directors for all faculties and the executive committee for the upcoming year. 

Mann reviewed the results for the executive committee: Armaan Singh Kheppar, Sana Almansour, Anjolina Hamel, Nouria Sawadogo, Erin Atkinson, Chelsey-Lynn Rousselle, Zachary Flahaut.

He also reviewed the elected directors: Nicolas Michaud, Fabiola Galvao, Emma Ballantyne, Akachukwu Ekwueme, Bowen Xue, Armande Mayelly Obrou, Nora Al-Akwaa, Monia Mugabekazi, Buse Loçlar, Iman Kashif, Roshana Patikedward,  Nour Elmestekawy, Kate Gilliland, Ty Bradley, Emma Pellegrini, Sherouk Elasfar, Bushra Khadra, and Carlos Pawendtaore Oubda. 

Attendees voted by using the ‘raise hand’ feature on Zoom and leaving it up for one minute while the votes were counted. All 34 attendees unanimously approved the results, with no dissenting voices.

During the comment section, Tim Gulliver, the current UOSU president, thanked the elections committee for their work over the past month and congratulated the incoming directors and executive committee. 

Mann wished current and new members well in the transition process leading up to the elected members beginning their term on May 1. He thanked everyone who ran for UOSU or helped with the election. 

Mann thanked everyone in attendance for their help in ratifying the election results and there was a vote to adjourn the meeting.