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The position of Equity Commissioner remains vacant. Image: Bardia Boomer/Fulcrum.
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Sana Almansour resigned from her position on Aug. 2

After returning to her position as equity commissioner last March, Sana Almansour resigned on Aug. 2 for personal reasons.

In a statement to the Chair of the Board of Directors (BOD) of the University of Ottawa’s Students Union (UOSU), Almansour stated:

“I want to thank the organization for the opportunity to be the mechanism for me to complete my mandate within the last year and a few months that the students entrusted me with. I have enjoyed my time working with members of the university community … I am happy to assist in the transition of the commissioner that comes after me, whenever the situation arises.”

BOD member and representative from the faculty of social science, Ty Bradley, stated to the Fulcrum that prior to Almansour’s resignation, the BOD was discussing concerns regarding inactivity from the former equity commissioner.

In an email to the Fulcrum, Bradley wrote:

“In July of this year, members of the UOSU Board of Directors learned of potential issues including an allegation that the equity committee had not been convened since the 2022 election of the UOSU Executive. The convening of the Committee is a mandatory part of the Commissioner’s role.”

“Prior to the completion of an independent investigation into the matter, the equity commissioner resigned from their position citing personal reasons … I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable role that the Executive Oversight Committee plays in ensuring transparency, accountability, and good governance at the UOSU.”

UOSU’s President, Armaan Singh, clarified in a statement to the Fulcrum, “Given that Ms. Almansour has resigned for personal reasons and is no longer employed by the UOSU, the Board determined that it was not an effective use of UOSU resources to conduct an investigation in these circumstances.”

The equity commissioner is tasked with overseeing and building “equity on campus, both within the UOSU and at the University at large.” The position will remain vacant until the by-elections, which will be held in October of this year.

“We encourage students who are passionate about advancing this portfolio to put their name forward for the upcoming election,” said Singh.