The program will be launched this week. Image: UOSU/Courtesy
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Program seeks to help students alleviate costs associated with different aspects of student life

The University of Ottawa’s Students’ Union (UOSU) is establishing a $175,000 funds and scholarships program to assist students financially throughout their university experience.

The program, which will be launched this week, seeks to support students by providing financial aid and helping alleviate some of the financial burdens that students face throughout their time at the U of O.

Ashley Wunsch, the student life commissioner for the UOSU, is leading the execution of the program, which will continue to launch in several stages. 

“The $175,000 allocated for the program will be split through many different bursaries and scholarships. The program is open to any undergraduate student at the University of Ottawa,” said Wunsch in an interview.

Recalling the COVID-19 hardship fund created in the summer 2020 semester, Wunsch is glad another, larger fund is being created to help students facing financial difficulties given the circumstances surrounding lockdowns and the pandemic.

“As [the] UOSU was only created right before the pandemic started, we did not have the chance to launch the full funds and scholarships program as desired until now,” said Wunsch. 

Students will be able to apply for many different bursaries to help alleviate the costs associated with different aspects of student life such as textbooks, medical and mental health expenses, and healthy eating. UOSU is also opening a general hardship fund for any emergencies or additional financial aid not previously covered.

Wunsch explained that the application process for the program will be found on the UOSU website once launched. 

“On the website, there will be [a] terms of reference document for each bursary with more details, and then a Microsoft form application form. The responses will be shared with the selection committee (which can be found in each term of reference and consists of Board of Directors members, executives and/or appropriate UOSU staff).”

Students who do not agree with decisions made by the selection committee can go to the appeal committee to appeal the decision, which consists of members of the funds and scholarships committee.

Wunsch encourages students to keep an eye on the UOSU website and Instagram for more information regarding the program in the upcoming week.