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A FULL WEEK may seem like a lot of time, but the vast number of events offered during 101 Week make the days speed by.

Last year’s events included movie nights, concerts, and, of course, parties. You can make the most of your first week at the University of Ottawa by participating in as many events as you possibly can.

Volunteer coordinator of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) Christine Kiki Lefebvre says the best way students can make the most of 101 Week is “by being open-minded to trying new things.”

“University life is full of new and exciting experiences and 101 Week gives 101ers the opportunity to live that,” she says.

Scared that you might get lost? Not to worry—the 101 Week guides will be with you at all times to keep you safe and engaged, and are open to answering any questions you might have about 101 Week or anything about the U of O in general.

101 Week guide Karlie Harper encourages 101ers to reach out to their leaders.

“If you are shy or nervous about introducing yourself, go and talk to a guide,” she says. “101 Week guides are extremely excited to have you participate and they can do the introducing for you.”

It may be frightening to attend events alone, but Harper says that even as a shy person, she managed to make great friends during 101 Week.

“University is just like kindergarten: you start off knowing no one,” she says. “Try introducing yourself to anyone you are standing near at events and keep your door open in rez. You may not be outgoing—I sure wasn’t—but someone else will be if you are open to it.”

Nervous about squeezing in your new classes and all of the events? Second-year philosophy and psychology student Camrin McCarty says Fedstock is a must-attend event for all 101ers.

“Fedstock will be awesome!” he says. “The Arkells are going to bring the metaphorical roof down.”

Harper also lists the icebreaker day—generally held on the first day of 101 Week—as a must-attend event. “You get to meet peers in all years of your program and participate in school cheers [while you] experience Gee-Gees’ spirit.”

Tyler Boyce, vp social for the Conflict Studies and Human Rights Students’ Association, says 101 Week is “the first step on a road painted entirely by the student [and] the first step towards the growth and self-realization that comes hand in hand with a university experience. My best advice to incoming 101ers? Be open-minded and be positive.”

With files from Regina Kumage