The Sunshine List discloses the salaries of all public sector employees who make over $100,000. Image: Georgiana Ghitau/Fulcrum
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1,850 University of Ottawa staff members made over $100,000 last year

A total of 1,850 University of Ottawa staff members earned more than $100,000 in 2021, revealed the province’s Sunshine List which was released on March 25. This is an increase of 175 from last year’s 1,675 staff members.

The Sunshine List is the result of the Public Salary Disclosure Act. The Act dictates that the salaries of all public sector employees in Ontario earning over $100,000, must be disclosed to the public.

The top earner at the University of Ottawa was the faculty of medicine’s dean Bernard Jasmin, who earned $439,349.11 in 2021 — an increase in salary from the $433,761.60 he took home in 2020. Jasmin edged out all other educators in Ottawa and is the 32nd best-paid post-secondary employee in Ontario. 

Jacques Frémont, the U of O’s president, received the same $399,616.08 salary that he did in 2020, he ranks second among University of Ottawa earners. The University’s provost and vice-president, academic affairs Jill Scott, earned ​​$301,615.92, making her the fourth highest-paid individual at the U of O. The third highest-paid person at the University in 2021, was the Telfer’s School of Management’s new dean Stéphane Brutus, who received $365,960.53.

Other notables include Jacline Nyman, who earned $300,000 for her work as vice-president, external affairs; Jocelyn Côté, who made $297,688 as vice-dean, research; Alain Stintzy who was paid $296,601 by the University for his work as vice-dean, graduate and postdoctoral studies; and Robert Boyd, a physics professor and a Canada Research Chair, who earned $270,750 in 2021.


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