Jacques Frémont

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In light of the recent controversy surrounding the use of the ‘N-word’ by a professor in a lecture. Babacar Faye, the University of Ottawa Students’ Union president, has written a letter to the editor of the Fulcrum where he calls on the University of Ottawa to take action and take the necessary steps to rid the campus of racism and make it inclusive for everyone.

Jacques Frémont

The University of Ottawa’s president and vice-chancellor Jacques Frémont responded early this morning to the recent incident of a professor uttering the ‘N-word’ in an online lecture. The professor had been suspended since early October, and a group of professors had written a letter denouncing her treatment at the hands of the U of O administration.

Letter to the Editor

“How do we make progress from here at the University of Ottawa? If by terming it as a good crisis, Jacques Frémont is going to make transformational changes in the U of O landscape, I am all behind him, but if it is going to be talk, PR, and no action, then his legacy will be harshly judged by all generations,” writes Rony Fosting an international student at the University of Ottawa.

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