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IN LIGHT OF one staff member’s recent issue with language barriers on campus, the Fulcrum asked U of O students whether or not they feel that the school’s bilingual mandate is successful or an utter failure.

“I am a mostly francophone guy, and I find it easy to talk with everyone at the university in French, but a lot of the time I feel like the English do not like that I am not good in the language.”

—Paul Savant


“As a student of English, all I want is staff at my faculty that can communicate with me in my mother tongue.”

—Manda Roy


“I think everyone on this campus needs to stop whining about what language is being spoken to them and learn both. There are enough resources on campus if you want to learn English or French, so stop being so lazy and whiny. It pisses me off.”

—Mike Rodger


“I feel like it’s pretty successful, yes. I wish it was easier to learn French if you wanted to, but I haven’t really looked into it much. I guess there’s probably classes you could take, right?”

—Charles Bodwin


“Successful bilingual mandate? Good joke.”

—Alex Bruin