GymShark Logo
Don't wear Gymshark to the mall. Image: Dasser Kamran/Fulcrum
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During one of my gym sessions a while ago, I was jealous of a woman’s pretty, pink, cropped, long sleeve shirt. At the time, the little logo was unknown to me, but soon enough, the Gymshark brand became popular on social media and amongst my friends. 

Yet still, when I see athletic clothing outside of the gym, especially Gymshark, I can’t help but cringe. 

I’m not talking about the hoodies or sweatpants that are made for casual wear, I’m talking about the athletic wear that is designed for working out — not for a trip to the mall or to the Fulcrum offices. I don’t care what you wear in your home and I can’t tell anyone how to dress, but if you are out and about looking like you’re going to hit the squat rack then you should probably reconsider your wardrobe choices a little bit. 

While Gymshark clothing does look nice, the athletic apparel is made with material designed for efficient exercising. The material and colourful prints are wonderful for a sweat session, but maybe not so great for going out for dinner with your family or significant other. Even the cut and fit of a lot of athletic wear should be kept in gyms.

Plus, it’s literally called Gymshark. It’s not called going-to-hangout-with-some-friends-shark. Seriously, the Gymshark logo and name itself that makes it seem wrong to wear outside of a workout. 

Besides, if you’re wearing Gymshark casually, you’re missing out on the opportunity to dress up when you go out – how about a nice shirt, or a sweater and some jeans for the fall? On the other hand, you’re also missing out on a cozy hoodie and sweatpants combo. 

Now that gyms are closed, it’s okay if your Gymshark clothes don’t make it outside of your closet. 

That said, if Gymshark all the time is your vibe, who am I to stop you?