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Image: Dasser Kamran/Fulcrum
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If you break physical distancing rules and document it, you’re ruining everything for everyone

Everyone knows the rules and regulations by now. Wear a mask, stay two meters apart, keep your in-person gatherings small, and limit your social bubble. All of these things make it pretty clear that you shouldn’t be throwing house parties where you invite every single person on your friend’s list. 

Considering the fact that we’re now in the second wave of COVID-19, and that we’ve been on the upswing of cases for a while, I am in the right to get angry when I click through snapchat stories and see overwhelmingly large groups of people crammed into a small space. It’s worse when the same person does it frequently. 

It’s one thing to be breaking social distancing rules and putting everyone at risk, but it’s another to literally be posting about it on social media. Not only does sharing photos and videos from a party make you look bad, but it shows that you are literally an awful person. 

There is nothing to be proud of when you’re out partying and not following the rules made to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

You are the type of people who are bringing the daily number of cases higher and higher. You are the reason that someone cannot visit their grandparents. By choosing to ignore the rules, you are ruining everyday life for everyone. 

There is no excuse for it. There is no reason you have to party, we’re in a pandemic. It’s disgusting to see people partying on social media and knowing that they’re the people who are ruining everything for everyone else. These are the people who are extending the days of mask wearing and social distancing. They are the numbers you see in the COVID-19 reports. 

I am begging you, don’t go to house parties, and don’t throw house parties. If you know that there’s going to be a gathering that breaks social distancing rules or exceeds your bubble, just don’t go. If you do participate in these activities, and you document it on social media, don’t be surprised if people are at you.