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Cyclists deserve drivers’ respect 

BICYCLES HAVE BEEN on roads longer than cars. For a long time they stood as a testament to humanity’s ingenuity and willpower. Sometime between then and now cars were invented, and as time marched on they began to outnumber and outmuscle cyclists on our roads. Fast-forward to today and cyclists are nuisances for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Here are five reasons why biking is far from a nuisance, and it’s the most sensible option for commuters in Ottawa:

1) The environment 

This just in: bikes don’t use gas or electricity. Human propulsion powers bicycles, making them the most environmentally friendly option on the road. Imagine how much cleaner the air would be if everyone rode bikes from time to time.

2) Your health 

Bikes are better for your health. As a student, staying fit and active can be tough. Between studying, working part-time, and dating, physical fitness can often fall way down on students’ priority lists. Biking can be an easy way to get around—and to avoid the extra pounds.

3) Keep it local

Gas prices are so high nowadays and people rarely drive around for fun anymore. Cycling, on the other hand, is an easy way to get out and explore your neighbourhood without spending loads of cash—and it’s easier to find parking.

4) Save your money

Not really sure that this option needs explaining. Cars consume tons of toxic gas and require constant maintenance, not to mention the recurring registration and insurance fees. Your biggest expense on a bike would be a new tire or some air.

5) Bikes save time 

Looking for a parking spot on campus can be a major time-waster, leaving you kilometres away from your class. Bike lockups can usually be found right outside the door of where you need to be.


If your health, time, or money means anything to you, then start riding a bike. If they don’t, then next time you’re driving, can you at least take it easy on us cyclists? All we want is to share the road in peace.