Nadia Helal

This back to school season marks the last year all university first-years were born before 9/11. In the following testimonies, contributors express how they believe 9/11 shaped their generation and their lives.

Our capitalist society needs to relax on the idea of squeezing consumers dry as early as possible to fulfill their shareholders’ interests. We, as shoppers, also need to take a stance and make our complaints heard where they can really be heard, with our wallets.

Social media addicts, and they even use their legs! For decades, Canadians have been suffering under the leadership of several unrelatable prime ministers. Harper, Martin, Chrétien all spring to mind as older, and completely unconnected with most Canadians. Justin Trudeau, however, clearly has something those leaders never had—relatability. The Trudeaus are the most relateably, relatable …

Paulina picks more diverse nominee list than actual academy The Academy Awards are just around the corner and, in response to the criticism the Academy’s received for its lack of diverse choices for its acting nominations, it has decided to enlist the help of a mollusk medium. Paulina the Octopus has been brought onto the …

While it seems like stark religious lines are being drawn in the sand this time of year, Fulcrum contributor Nadia Helal talks about Muslim and Christian holiday traditions.

Stunt videos needed to keep ownership of user content Photo: CC-Ed  Gregory, Edits by Kim Wiens This week Facebook announced its decision to collect user photos, videos and information beginning early next year to steal users data for their own use.  This move has lead to a high volume of legal declarations on Facebook feeds, …

Are plastic bags that big of an environmental issue? Photo courtesy of Tina Wallace Point: We should focus on more important issues Jasmine van Schouwen | Fulcrum Staff Companies who claim they are curbing pollution by reducing plastic bag production are misleading and short-sighted. Plastic bags are a problem, there’s no doubt about that. According …

There is a secret that the tourism industry is hiding: you can easily find other, less expensive ways of remembering a trip.

Having lots of free time, little or no concern for school, and no one to answer to is the recipe for a potentially delightful holiday season. Here are just a few suggestions of activities that can be enjoyed in spite of your lonely circumstances.

It’s so great to see the administration actually doing something about making learning a more positive and environmentally responsible experience. No one is just idly sitting by bragging about a green wall in one building alone, or comforting themselves that the campus was ranked as the most sustainable in Canada.

“My family will always be grateful to this country and town for entrenching the beliefs of religious tolerance and multiculturalism into fundamental rights for citizens,” said Jaameh. “It’s too bad Quebec didn’t agree to do the same.”

Next time you’re driving, can you at least take it easy on us cyclists? All we want is to share the road in peace.

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