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Ignorance isn’t a valid reason to criticize musical taste

We all have that one friend who doesn’t listen to rap or refuses to let you blast your punk-rock music in their presence. Some of these people who dislike a genre may have already tried it, in which case their opinion might be justified, but the problem is that many others blatantly disrespect your music taste before ever actually experiencing it.

While these ignorant people seem to be a perpetual nuisance to their friends, they ultimately do the real damage to themselves.

There is simply no value in closing yourself off to a genre of music just because it is unknown to you. Music gives us reasons to smile for no reason on a crowded bus, fall in love with someone without ever seeing their face, and above all, brings joy into people’s lives. Every genre has the potential to expand our minds and love for music equally.

In the end, close minded people are preventing themselves from a possible discovery that could change their lives, and only because they are scared of what they don’t already know.

Why do you listen to music? It could be because it provides you with something relatable, reminds you of someone you care about, or revives some of your most memorable moments. At the heart of musical variety is experience. To say you hate country after hearing one Taylor Swift song is simply ignorant. That would be like saying you hate ice cream after sampling one flavour of sorbet.

When it comes to music, saying there is only one flavour is a common misconception. Top 40 radio stations and MTV often encourage certain music genres while completely failing to acknowledge others. Our society promotes tunnel vision to the point where music snobs exist in positions of authority, only playing what they deem to be acceptable on the radio.

Appreciation of all genres is healthy for us, in life and in music. It teaches a person to be open–minded, to look for happiness from multiple sources, and to make conclusions through experience rather than reputation.