As you are aware, Senate By-Law No. 1, 2008, “A By-Law governing the composition of the Senate” states: “It is hereby decreed as a By-Law of the Senate of the University of Ottawa as follows: 1. The following persons are members of the Senate of the University of Ottawa pursuant to sub-section (h) of Article 15 (1): … (b) One full-time student elected by his peers in each of the Faculties of the University of Ottawa and one student for the two sections in Law; the method of election and the period of mandate to be determined by resolution of the Senate.”

This bylaw is available here: Web5.uottawa.ca/admingov/documents/senate-by-law-number-1-2008-cl.pdf

There are currently vacant seats in senate for students from the faculties of arts, medicine, and education. We stand firmly by the position that all senate bylaws must be followed. It is not an option for senate to disregard its own bylaws. Therefore, you have a responsibility to organize a proper byelection immediately in order to duly fill the needed positions. Please do this without further delay.

Joseph Hickey

Student senator, 

Faculty of Graduate Sciences


Hazel Gashoka

Student senator, 

Faculty of Social Sciences