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Not a shelter but a home

WE SEE THEM every day, on street corners, in shelters, outside storefronts. Oftentimes we ignore them, only occasionally tossing change into their worn down... Read more.

Open letter to Allan Rock

DEAR PRESIDENT ALLAN Rock, Last week I and fellow student senator, Hazel Gashoka, wrote to you requesting that you agree to allow students and the public to... Read more.

Unmasking masculinity

THEY’RE TWO WORDS that ignite an opinion from the name alone. Combined, these two words have also been accused of stirring up a gender war. “Masculine... Read more.

It’s the culture, stupid

Barriers to post-secondary education are more than financial  ACCESS TO POST-SECONDARY education (PSE) is important. A majority of Canadians believe a... Read more.

‘I don’t get no respect’

UNIVERSITY ATHLETICS COME in all shapes and sizes. Some athletes play varsity sports, spending most of their year travelling Ontario in hopes of making... Read more.

What’s your opinion on?

I can feel your presence INTRODUCING PILLOW TALK, the walkie-talkie for long-distance lovers. Designed for couples that can’t sleep in the same bed,... Read more.

How do you like them apples?

Taking a bite out of Apple’s tech reputation LET’S BE HONEST: The iPad has convincingly dominated the tablet computer market since its launch one year... Read more.

Frankenstein’s search engine

Has Google created a monster? THIS PAST WEEK, Google, Internet giant and official verb, celebrated its 13th anniversary. Amidst happy celebrations throughout... Read more.

Sweeping across the ice

U of O student talks about the growth of broomball EVERY CANADIAN KNOWS about hockey, our national sport played on ice with a puck and a stick, but how many... Read more.

Dress to impress?

UNIMPRESSED WITH THE best-and-worst dressed recipients that appear in a tattered 1997 issue of People at the gym? Take a look at some of the fine specimens... Read more.

There’s a cold front coming in

And it’s time to invest in more than just mittens IF THE ALMOST-FREEZING temperatures this past weekend herald anything, it’s that winter is coming a lot... Read more.