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I can feel your presence

INTRODUCING PILLOW TALK, the walkie-talkie for long-distance lovers. Designed for couples that can’t sleep in the same bed, Pillow Talk is a set of two pillows, each with a matching sensor ring. When one partner goes to bed, they put on their sensor ring, which sends a signal to the other person’s pillow. The far-away sleepy-time device then begins to glow slightly and broadcast the real-time heartbeat of the slumbering sweetheart. By investing in a pair of these high-tech pillows, couples can feel as though they’re actually together when it’s time to turn in for the night. Is the advent of this product indicative of the need for long-distance couples to feel close, or just another case of high-tech voyeurism?

Holy ozone!

THIS WEEKEND, AN Environment Canada study was published in Nature magazine, which asserted that, over the course of the past year, a hole of unprecedented size has developed in the ozone layer. The tear, which is calculated to be about 200 square kilometres, is about twice the size of Ontario. Considered to have already allowed a sizeable amount of ultraviolet radiation to make its way to Canada, Russia, and much of Europe, the hole has scientists worldwide in an environmental panic. Should the discovery of this new hole in the ozone layer be a major warning to the world, demanding that we take heed and change our wasteful ways, or is this just a bunch of left-wing environmentalist bunk?

Team Tweed-Simmons

FORMER OTTAWA BAR owner Shannon Tweed and KISS front man Gene Simmons have finally made their 28-year-long partnership official. The couple, who recently went through a public split following another in a long line of Simmons’ infidelities, were finally married in Beverly Hills on Oct. 1. While the couple seems content to have united their family of four under the banner of legal marriage once and for all, some critics are still saying, “Once a famous rock star cheater, always a famous rock star cheater.” Did Tweed make the right choice in accepting Simmons’ proposal, or is the long-tongued musician likely to transgress again?

What do you mean, vote?

A RECENT SURVEY conducted among voting-age Manitobans found that while youth are still not showing up to the polls in big numbers, the group least likely to vote is the poor and uneducated. The study found that 16 per cent of eligible voters in the province refused to commit to voting in the upcoming election, and of that portion, less than 10 per cent have a university degree or college diploma. With so many pro-voting campaigns hitting not only Manitoba, but also Ontario, the survey begs the question: How much do we really want people to vote? Should those who admit to being unable to cast an informed ballot be voting at all, or is every vote important, regardless of the age, status, or knowledge of the voter?

 —Jaclyn Lytle 

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