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Let’s talk about legitimizing, baby

LAST YEAR, SCANDAL hit our school when the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) decided to overturn election results and take on Sarah Jayne King as their vp finance rather than candidate Tristan Dénommée, who won the race by a margin of 114 votes. Over the course of his election campaign, Dénommée was the subject of accusations that alleged he violated SFUO election policy by publishing defamatory statements about his opponent and posted information in unauthorized areas. With this year’s SFUO elections fast approaching, should the U of O expect more scandal or a peaceful race for candidacy?

Scary city
IN THE EARLY hours of Jan. 22, Ottawa’s first homicide of 2012 was committed. According to first reports, a 24-year-old man was stabbed near Rideau and Dalhousie Street in the ByWard Market area. He was pronounced dead in hospital. While this is the first murder to hit Ottawa in the new year, the city is no stranger to violence. In August, a separate stabbing occurred a mere block from the location of Sunday’s incident. Once known as a sheltered, boring city, is Ottawa still a safe place to live or should citizens start taking more precautions when walking the streets at night?

—Jaclyn Lytle

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