Spare the rod, or get it in the back of the head later

A NEW STUDY was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal that found individuals who experience physical punishment during their childhood are more likely to become antisocial, aggressive, and potentially physically abusive toward family, friends, and spouses later in life. The study, which sifted through 20 years worth of research related to the effects of physically disciplining children, found children who do not experience corporal punishment misbehave less. Is spanking or light physical discipline an effective way to deal with trouble children, or is this study telling us something we already knew?

Febreeze: Your go-to anti-fish-smell spray

A NEWFOUNDLAND TEACHER has been taken out of the classroom and put on paid leave for Febreezing one of her students last week. The student, who reportedly left school during lunch period to feast on homemade fried fish, returned to class only to face excessive teasing for the smell that remained from his meal. His teacher, allegedly in an effort to stop the bullying, took the boy into the hall and sprayed him with Febreeze air freshener. The boy’s mother was appalled by the woman’s actions, and equated the incident to treating her child “like a dog or a cat.” Was the teacher’s interference a reasonable and kind gesture to alleviate teasing, or a dehumanizing and embarrassing gesture?

Wal-Mart embraces healthy eating epidemic

FOLLOWING UP ON its promise to aid Michelle Obama in fighting the American obesity epidemic, Wal-Mart declared its intention to push customers toward purchasing more healthy food items. By reducing the premiums formerly charged on certain healthy choices, such as dairy products and whole wheat products, Wal-Mart hopes to lure customers into making better dietary choices. They will also introduce a new food label that reads “Great For You” in order to indicate which of their food products are healthier than others. Will Wal-Mart become the one-stop-shop for electronics and health food, or is this an obvious effort on the company’s part to capitalize on the increasingly health-conscious market?

—Jaclyn Lytle

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