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We’re really sorry

RCMP ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER Craig Callens issued a public apology Jan. 27 regarding the organization’s handling of the case of serial killer Robert Pickton. The announcement was made to families of the victims, and comes mere days before officers in charge of the Pickton case make their statements to the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry. The inquiry will determine whether the officers’ conduct throughout the length of the Pickton investigation was neglectful or irresponsible. The father of one of Pickton’s victims has already spoken out, saying the apology is too little, too late. Is the apology enough to acknowledge the RCMP’s missteps throughout the investigation or is it time an action plan dealing with crime against sex trade workers was presented by the organization?

Get a ball, why don’t you?

THE HIGHLY CRITICIZED sport of dwarf tossing is making headlines in Ontario. A strip club in Windsor, Ont. has publicized the return of their annual dwarf tossing event, an evening when customers can literally throw a little person as part of a competition. The event is already attracting considerable backlash; a local man and father of four little people called it “ignorance at its highest level” in an interview with the CBC. On the other hand, the club manager claims he has been contacted several times by little people who are eager to participate in the event. Is dwarf tossing a brutish and offensive game or is it all in good fun when consenting adults are involved?

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