Oh, Vladimir, you turn a girl’s head
A SEXUALLY SUGGESTIVE political campaign has been launched by Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin and his camp. The adverts play on the concept of first-time voters as virgins, and depicts young, attractive women in doctor’s offices discussing their upcoming “first time.”  Putin, who is currently running for president after serving as prime minister since 2008, is depicted in the videos as an ultimate masculine figure, deserving of Russians’ votes. Is this a pathetic attempt by Putin supporters to sweep a recent ballot-stuffing incident under the rug, or is the prime minister just too sexy for retirement?

Canadian fireman comes to Floridian’s rescue
A FIREMAN FROM Kitchener, Ont., found himself in the right place at the right time while vacationing in Florida. Nick Dorken, who was on his way back to his family’s lodgings after spending a long day at Disney World with his wife and two-year-old daughter, spotted a flaming car by the roadside. After pulling over and parking his own vehicle, Dorken plunged into the flames to pull out the unconscious driver of the flaming car. Dorken was able to save the man mere moments before the car exploded. Would you have the courage to do what Dorken did, or would you walk away from such a heated emergency?

Anne Frank becomes Mormon
67 YEARS AFTER she was killed for her Jewish faith, famous teen diarist Anne Frank has been posthumously baptized a Mormon. Though details of the ceremony are still unclear, it appears that a child was baptized as Frank’s proxy in Santo Dominigo, Dominican Republic on Feb. 18. To the outrage of both the Catholic and Jewish churches, it is believed this is the ninth time Frank has been baptized into the Mormon faith. Is it fair for Mormons to perform the rite of baptism without the consent of an individual or their surviving family, or is this appropriation of the Jewish martyr entirely appalling?

—Jaclyn Lytle