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More than a mere wizard

HARRY POTTER STAR Daniel Radcliffe is trying to rebrand himself—without the wand this time. Battling the expectation that his role in the HP movies would make acting outside the fantasy genre difficult for the English actor, Radcliffe has involved himself in new and less magical projects. With the release of his latest work, a horror film where Radcliffe finds himself at the centre of a chilling ghost story, the actor is showing fans that there’s more to his acting career than his past as Potter. Is Radcliffe likely to be successful in his new acting endeavours, or will he always be Harry Potter in our hearts?

Maybe it is made of cheese after all

RUSSIAN FEDERAL SPACE agency, Roscosmos, is searching for citizens to send to the moon. Vladimir Popovkin, head of Roscosmos, announced this past weekend that the agency is in search of any Russian citizens with technical or medical training who are willing to undergo screening for possible space-travel training. Though the ultimate destination of the mission has not been officially announced, it has been hinted that Roscosmos hopes to land on lunar turf within the next decade. Is this a giant leap for Russian space travel, or does someone need to tell the nation that they’re 43 years too late to win the moon race?

Cops need to keep hands to themselves

MONTREAL POLICE ARE in the process of an internal investigation after a YouTube video surfaced showing police pushing and beating students at a peaceful protest last month. The rally, which saw several hundred students and student supporters occupy the entrance to the Quebec Education Department building in Montreal, was intended to protest rising tuition fees. In the video in question, one officer is seen beating a student protester with a baton repeatedly, while another officer is seen pushing a protester forcefully to the ground. Were police exercising due force in order to keep the protest under control, or are these Occupy-style protests shedding light on the issue of police brutality?

—Jaclyn Lytle

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