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Not woman enough?
23-YEAR-OLD JENNA TALACKOVA was recently disqualified as a Miss Universe Canada finalist for being transgendered. The Donald Trump-owned beauty pageant removed Talackova’s profile a few days ago after learning Talackova had not been physically born a woman. The rules set by the franchise clearly state one must be “born a natural woman” to compete; however, Talackova said in an interview on YouTube two years ago that she is a woman and regards herself as “a woman with history.” Should Talackova be allowed to compete for the title since she identifies as a woman, or should the pageant stick to their strict guidelines?

Social media making us depressed?
A FEW MONTHS ago, Marissa Murray, University of Ottawa clinical psychology student, noticed most people prefer to interact via social media and not face-to-face. Recent studies are discovering teens and young adults who use Facebook are more likely to be depressed or develop anxiety. Larry Rosen, the psychology professor at California State University who delivered these findings, also found young adults who use Facebook more than average demonstrate more signs of psychological disorders than their peers. Should we rely less on our devices to interact and learn how to properly socialize, or are theorists overreacting?

Goodbye union workers?
MARK FERGUSON, PRESIDENT of the Toronto sector of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, recently said in an email that, “The public hates unions right now.” His sentiments may not be too far off. With Air Canada workers striking, causing dozens of flights to be cancelled, and British Colombia’s teachers and nurses on their way to a showdown with the provincial government, it’s apparent the right to strike is still alive and well. Still, public sympathy has largely been lost. A man in Toronto’s Pearson International Airport spat on an Air Canada baggage handler as she walked off the job. Union workers are often regarded as greedy with their full-time hours, benefits, and pensions. Should unions be allowed to strike when they deem fit, or should they be forced to work despite their grievances?

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—Sofia Hashi