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Scary suburbs
IN THE EARLY hours of this past Sunday, another young man was shot to death on a quiet street in Ottawa’s west-end suburb of Barrhaven. The death, which marks the area’s third murder, has visibly shaken res- idents of the community and surrounding areas. While this is only Ottawa’s 10th ho- micide case of the year, many are reacting to the crime as a sign of increased violence throughout the city. Is expansion in Ot- tawa leading to increased crime rates, or are we merely reeling from the unexpected aspect of the death?

Assisting suicide
THOUGH IT HAS been just over a year and a half since Parliament overwhelm- ingly defeated Bill C-834, which would have legalized assisted suicide in Canada, a new case seeks to establish precedent that will alter laws surrounding the practice. The Carter vs. Attorney General of Canada petition requests that “the administration of medication or other treatment that in- tentionally brings about a patient’s death by the act of a medical practitioner” be legal- ized, which would in effect legalize doctor- assisted suicide. Should the courts uphold the decision that has already been made on the matter, or allow this case to set a new precedent for assisted suicide in Canada?

Steaming up the screen again
WITH THE LATEST instalment of the Twilight film franchise set to hit theatres Nov. 18, fans are being swept up in the an- ticipation of a hot and heavy sex scene be- tween stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. While the majority of the movie’s young target audience is squealing with excitement, some fans are irked that a sex scene is included in the film, despite the fact none appears in the Christian books. Is the inclusion of the scene important for our super-sexualized society, or should the filmmakers have stayed true to the books?

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