Fiction Issue

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all about image is

   all about image



self must be pulled                  

from the shelf


can you reach?



scroll my profile

click my pics

check my likes

increase my hits


follow me

like Xs follow Os

emoticon kisses/hugs

series of 1s & 0s

encoding daily odes


cos I m 4 real, eBay-by!

a name-dropper serial-shopper game-stopper

i m 140-charac. gold

dropping one-liners like they’re—



10,000 votes “YES”]


i m hot!


my text’s imbedded like Sardanapalus and influence

with pixels for temple and IMs for incense

e-followers form e-effigies from my verbal effluence

link it, smoke it on weekends


“Virtual Individual seeks Viral Video 4 virus-free downloading @…”


the screen shot’s the new money shot

—Hey Mac, what you see is what you net


i-phony is just a name

I tagged myself with

in an earlier version

& why fight wi-fi

when I m so high—

speed streaming a new me