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DESPITE A ROUGH start, the University of Ottawa women’s basketball (19-3 regular season, 2-0 playoffs) team came out on top in the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) semifinal match against the Brock University Badgers (15-7 regular season, 1-1 playoffs) 63-49.

The first half of the game saw the Gees uncomfortable on their own court. Fifth-year centre Hannah Sunley-Paisley scored four points for Ottawa with eight rebounds in the first half while fifth-year forward Elizabeth Lennox aided with 10 rebounds and two points. The Gees’ nervew left them in close quarters with the Badgers with a trailing score of 27-25.

“To be honnest, I don’t know why they were so uptight,” said head coach Andy Sparks after the game. “For some reason we just were not good and I’m not sure why.”

The second half was a more high-speed game, with the Gees catching up to their opponend thanks to an allie-hoop by Sunley-Paisley. Second-year suard Sarah Nolette secured three three-pointers to finish the game 63-26.

“The reality is that we got through with a win,” said Sparks. “But we can’t play like that tomorrow.”

The team will compete against Windor University Lancers (20-2 regular season,2-0 playoffs) in the OUA gold medal game on March 3 at 8 p.m. in Montpetit Hall.

–Katherine DeClerq