Minto Sports Complex
The Minto Sports Complex. Photo: Rame Abdulkader/Fulcrum
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As of Nov. 16, the University of Ottawa’s sport and training facilities will be open for students and employees

The University of Ottawa has announced that they would be re-opening their sport and training facilities on Nov. 16 and will be implementing a booking process as well as a three-strike system. 

Students and employees are welcome to enter the facilities, however fitness centres and gyms will remain open to students only. Activities like dance classes, swimming lessons, and personal training will all be available in-person for students. Virtual activities will include esports, additional fitness classes and personal training.  

The university has instilled multiple COVID-19 protocols. These include filling out a self-assessment tool and keeping changing rooms and showers closed until further notice. 

The university is asking people to arrive fully ready for their activity, including attire, clean shoes and water, as changerooms are unavailable for gym-goers. They are also enforcing physical distancing of two to three metres between people. Masks will also be required at all times for people entering the fitness centre, including when using equipment.

Special accommodations are in place for swimming. Swimmers can access the changerooms 15 minutes before and after their scheduled swim time. Limited lockers will also be available. Four swimmers will be allowed per lane, and masks must be worn at all times except in the pool.

In order to use facilities, students and employees will have to book times and notify by calling client services at either the Minto Sports Complex or Montpetit Hall if they will not be able to attend. If unable to cancel 24 hours in advance, the university implemented a three strike policy for no-shows. 

The first two cancellations without email or call will result in a warning. If you accumulate three strikes on your account, the sports facility membership will be suspended for 10 days. In order to reinstate your membership, you will need to meet with a Campus Rec supervisor to continue your membership. 

Following this, if another strike is incurred the strike system restarts, with the next third strike doubling to a 20-day suspension of membership services.

If all sessions are full, Client Services will manage a waitlist and as sessions become available students will be contacted for open slots. Showing the confirmation email at the check-in point will be required.