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Where did the great football Gee-Gees go? 

Brad Sinopoli currently plays for the Calgary Stampeders. photo provided by Jennifer Elliot

As football season approaches and the Gee-Gees gear up to hit the field once again, let’s take a look at some former Gees that are now suited up for CFL squads.

While the University of Ottawa’s top players fight for the garnet and grey during their time at university, oftentimes their minds are fixated on the bright lights of professional football.

At the moment, three former Gee-Gees are active in the CFL: there are six in total who were active at the beginning of the sea- son, but three have now become free agents.

Here are the U of O alumni who are tackling big-league com- petition.



During his career for the Gee-Gees, Sinopoli was a quarterback with some serious speed as he led the team in passing and rushing yards. He was drafted to the Stamps in 2011 and after a some- what rocky start with multiple position changes, he’s finally beginning to show his true potential. So far, he has caught 15 passes for 133 yards and has one rushing attempt that resulted in a touchdown.



Gillanders is in his rookie year for the Argos. Last year he was a key piece in the Gee-Gees offence, providing explo- sive runs and racking up a four-year to- tal of 740 yards. Playing time isn’t easy for a rookie to come by, and Gillanders is proof. He hasn’t put up any numbers on offence yet, but has recorded three tackles on special teams.



Cornell has had a tough road since entering the CFL in 2010. He was a standout linebacker for the Gee-Gees, but he hasn’t found a rhythm on the field for defensive snaps. After starting his career with Edmonton, he was released this offseason, picked up by Winnipeg and has spent the majority of his time on special teams. He recorded two regular tackles and four on special teams. Cornell is looking to get back to the numbers he was posting in 2011, when he had three solo tackles and 16 special teams.