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A brief guide to in-game spirit wear

Maclaine Chadwick | Fulcrum Staff

Photo by Mathias MacPhee

PLAYOFFS ARE QUICKLY approaching and as the Gee-Gees bring their A-game to the court or ice, be sure to bring your best when you’re in the stands. Here are some creative tips from a seasoned veteran on how to stand out in the crowd—trust me, if we had Jumbotrons, you would be on them.

Face paint is a must

What better way to demonstrate your fandom than plastering it all over your beautiful face? Use face-paint sticks—conveniently available in our school colours at Dollarama—for best results.

Beginner: Battle stripes. They are almost impossible to mess up. A few bold strikes below your eyes are quick, easy, and sort of intimidating.

Intermediate: Writing out “Gee-Gee.” You may need some assistance with this one, but if you’re doing it yourself, be careful not to accidentally reverse it in the mirror. eeG-eeG is silly.

Advanced: the official Gee-Gees logo. This will probably take hours of your time and will only be worth it if you’re using quality face paint that didn’t come from the dollar store. If you have the skill and supplies, go for it.

Body paint is even better

If you are more of a ride-or-die fan, consider going shirtless and painting your entire upper-body in garnet and grey. The extra space allows for more creativity, but it’s your confidence that really pulls this look off. Be careful if you plan to go to a hockey game—it can get cold in there.

Jazz up that old grey T-shirt

Garnet is sometimes a more difficult colour to come by, but lots of us have an old grey T-shirt lying around. If not, check out the Free Store on campus—you might just get lucky and find some previously loved spirit wear. Don’t just wear it as-is, though—make your T-shirt as unique as you are. Cut fringes around the edge, adjust the neckline—whatever you want! Pro tip: cut the sleeves off and use them as a headband.

Comfort is still key

If you’re going to a sports game, you are well within the realm of getting away with wearing track pants. Bonus points if they’re in the school colours! Make sure you consider your environment, though—sitting in the rink at the Minto Sports Complex might get chilly if your pants are too thin, and Montpetit tends to warm up significantly at the halfway mark of a basketball game, especially if you’re jumping up and down and cheering.

Chant everything

If you’re the brave type, why not start a chant? As long as it’s generally easy to follow and not profane, it will catch on. Game-goers love a good chant. I recommend the classic “Let’s go Gee-Gees” or “De-fence,” but if you’re nostalgic for your 101 Week days you could always go with “Ottawa U is hot to go…” even though nobody really knows what being “hot to go” means in this context.