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1. The annual football game against Carleton University—a tradition that will resume with the comeback of the Ravens football program—was called what?

a. The Bubba Bowl

b. The Capital Hoops Classic

c. The Badger Bowl

d. The Panda Bowl


2. Which of the following coaches has been a part of the Gee-Gees community the longest?

a. Lionel Woods (women’s volleyball)

b. Steve Johnson (women’s soccer)

c. James Derouin (men’s basketball)

d. Yanick Evola (women’s hockey)


3. Which basketball player recorded his 1,000th career point on Jan. 25?

a. Mike L’Africain

b. Johnny Berhanemeskel

c. Gabriel Gonthier-Dubue

d. Jordan Vig


4. Which Gee-Gee won CIS Player of the Year in women’s soccer?

a. Christine Hardie

b. Cynthia Leblanc

c. Krista Draycott

d. Gillian Baggot

5. Which varsity team sent an athlete   to the London 2012 summer Olympics?

a. Track and field

b. Swimming

c. Volleyball

d. Soccer

6. Prior to the women’s soccer team winning the OUA championship, it had been ____ years since the U of O won a provincial gold medal.

a. 4 years

b. 6 years

c. 8 years

d. 1 year


7. If you run into him on campus or at a game, the mascot is most likely to…

a. Give you a wedgie

b. Give you a high-five or fist bump

c. Challenge you to a dance-off

d. Twerk


8. Which famous U of O alumni played a season of basketball during their time as a student?

a. Lisa LaFlamme

b. Alex Trebek

c. Paul Martin

d. Samantha Bee


9. If you caught a fan bus to Beckwith Park this year, what sport were you going to watch?

a. Ultimate Frisbee

b. Baseball

c. Football

d. Soccer


10. Which of the following Gee-Gees broke university or OUA records?

a. Matt Falvo (men’s football)

b. Pilar Khoury  (women’s soccer)

c. Emma Galbraith (track and field)

d. All of the above

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