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Sports services offers lots of ways for you to stay fit and active during the year. Photo: CC, ThoroughlyReviewed.
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Fulcrum staff members share their favourite ways to stay fit on campus

Squash Courts

If you’ve never played squash before, I highly recommend you try it out; it’s easy to learn and a lot of fun. The University of Ottawa offers two international-sized squash courts at the Minto Sports Complex.

While most people have to pay to rent one out, students can reserve a court absolutely free of charge. Whether you play with a friend or alone, squash is a great way to blow off some steam by smashing a ball at a wall as hard as you can.

To reserve a court, just visit the sports desk at Minto. If you don’t have your own equipment, you can rent a racquet while you’re at it.

Nico Laliberté Sports Editor

Intramural Hockey

My first experience playing intramural hockey was nothing but positive. With the various skill levels available, there is a league for everyone who can skate and understand the basics.

Having played competitive hockey growing up, the laid-back approach was an adjustment; there is no need to show up in a suit or to bring jogging gear for a pre-game run. The referees controlled the games well, and never let the play get too out of hand. There is a strict no contact rule, which can be a big adjustment for players used to the elite division. Playoffs were straightforward with each team being ranked by their record during the season.

On the ice, it was fun and stress free with guys who were just playing for the love of the game. I highly recommend participating in hockey intramurals to continue having fun playing Canada’s game and to meet new people.

Zack Goobie Associate Sports Editor

Drop-in Play in Montpetit

If you’re looking for a way to get some exercise and meet new people without committing longer-term to an intramural team, then drop-in play at Montpetit Hall is for you. Everyday at lunchtime the gymnasium is opened to various drop-in sports including basketball, volleyball, and badminton.

Whether you’re by yourself or with a friend, you can always find some fellow students to play with.

You can find the complete list of drop-in sports and times on the Gee-Gees website.

Nico Laliberté Sports Editor

Running on Campus

Classes, assignments, and late-night study sessions often make people want to run away from campus, but it turns out that running around it can be even more fun. With the ultimate Ottawa running spot—the canal—close by, running by campus is a great way to get some exercise in whenever you have free time, listen to that new podcast  and de-stress while you’re at it.

Whether you want to add something new on top of your intramural games, or just want a quick and easy way to stay in shape for now, lacing up some running shoes is never a bad option.

And with no wait times to sign up and no fee, it’s a pretty attractive option for staying in shape during school.

Eric Davidson Editor-in-Chief