A fictional Jasmine watching the Super Bowl
Now, I’m left wondering if Brady can secure yet another Vince Lombardi. Image: Dasser Kamran/Fulcrum
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Michael Buble’s Bubly commercials — so precious

For those of you who don’t know, I watch a lot of NFL, and I care a lot about what happens to the players and teams during the year. 

While I am a Vikings fan who wishes I could have seen the boys in purple make it to this year’s Super Bowl, I thought the other perfect way to end the season was a battle between the greatest of all time,- Tom Brady, and the young star, Patrick Mahomes. 

For me, the best part about this Super Bowl was that no matter what result, history was going to be made.

On Sunday, I woke up at 11:30 a.m. and slammed a Corona. It was the right thing to do. 

That said, I spent my day in my old Adrian Peterson Vikings jersey just to stay true to my team. Humble. 

I spent the day doing the usual activities; explaining to people why I wanted the Buccaneers to win, why Tom Brady deserved a seventh ring and why the Chiefs are going to be a pest in the league for years to come. 

The day was pretty chill. A few hours playing Warzone, a bit of time wondering how many of the people posting about the Super Bowl on their social media actually cared about the game, and lucky for me, consuming warm chocolate chip cookies my roommate made for the event. 

Finally, it was near gametime. At 6:01 p.m. I migrated from my very comfortable office chair to my couch where my roommate already had DAZN and the pregame show on the TV. Unfortunately, we could not see the American Super Bowl commercials on DAZN. Huge loss. 

Before the game started my roommate and I called Father and Sons to order some burgers. Then we called Father and Sons again. Then we called Father and Sons 10 more times because they did not answer — maybe we’re just too clingy.

Glad to see that they’re busy and being supported, but we were unable to place an order. So, we settled for the next best thing: El Furniture Warehouse and their legendary mac and cheese. 

Of course, I had to partake in my pre-Tom-Brady-Super-Bowl ritual: turning the lights red and listening to Brady Pull Me Closer on repeat until kickoff.

Now, I have to say, I think Eric Church is wonderful, but that was not a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner I needed.

At 6:33 p.m., Travis Kelce called heads and won the coin toss which was pretty much the only positive for the Chiefs all night. 

At the beginning of the game I couldn’t help but be distracted by the fact that Patrick Mahomes is human. How is he making so much money? How does he move like that? How does he have a minority stake in a team he probably could have played on?

By 7 p.m., it was clear the first quarter was defensive, and the casuals were probably really bored. Around this time, I saw the Que Pasa chip advertisement for the first time — very disturbing — but I was definitely craving the American programming.

It was very fitting that Brady threw his first Super Bowl first quarter touchdown to Rob Gronkowski. 

At the beginning of the second quarter, I worried the points Brady and the Buccaneers missed out on going for the fourth and goal touchdown would come back to haunt them but that moment ended up being forgettable. 

It was almost hard to watch the Kansas City Chiefs give the game away. At least the Brady and Gronk show was an entertaining one. 

Also, can we acknowledge the way Mahomes runs? What an athlete. 

Another notable moment — Michael Buble’s Bubly commercials? So precious. 

Halftime is something that a lot of people watch the Super Bowl for. This year, a Canadian icon, The Weeknd, took centre stage. I have to say, I disagree with Twitter — I thought it was a great show. 

I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy it simply because I am not a fan, but he reminded me of all the bangers he dropped while I was in high school. 

Not to mention, the work with the sets and lighting were so cool to watch. The transition to “Blinding Lights” was incredible. 

That said, it was not as cool as JLo and Shakira. Not even close. 

With attention back on the field, the question was whether or not Mahomes could bring his team back in the game from a 15 point deficit. 

I couldn’t rule it out, especially when Leonard Fournette made a few plays. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the superstar Mahomes or the dominant Chiefs offence we saw all season. 

Instead, we saw a fan run onto the field in the middle of a pandemic. Could he have given all the players COVID-19? Maybe. Did we get to watch him run across the field? No, the DAZN broadcast sent us to a very unfortunate replay of the Que Pasa ad. 

Brady and the Buccaneers closed out the game pretty easily. If I’m being honest, as far as excitement goes, we can throw this one in the same category as the Rams vs Patriots Super Bowl from a few years back. 

At this point, I was tired, but I couldn’t leave my pack of Coronas unfinished. I scrolled through my Twitter feed to see what other people thought of this year’s Super Bowl while I finished off my drink. 

I am ecstatic to see Brady win another ring, the statistics that come out of this game are unbelievable. This man has proven time and time again that he is football’s greatest of all time, and I hope that anyone who was doubting it has changed their mind after this game. 

Now, I’m left wondering if Brady can secure yet another Vince Lombardi.